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Dr. Brian Robbins

Before entering the commercial real estate investment arena, Dr. Robbins owned a number of companies including multiple medical practices, a coffee shop, a 1,500 member gym, and a number of real estate investments. These real estate investments included a small apartment complex, a 32,000 square foot retail shopping center which houses his medical practice, and a number of single-family properties. Dr. Brian Robbins is the author of Done! The Professional?s Guide to Double-Digit Returns, Multi-Generational Wealth, and a Worry-Free Retirement (2017). Brian has been a featured guest on various real estate focused podcasts and is a regular author for Bigger Pockets.

Dr. Robbins and two partners started Wellings Capital in 2014 with a focus on class B value-add multifamily investments. After spending the better part of 3 years looking for assets that made sense for their clients, In December of 2017 Wellings was finally able to purchase a 125-door townhome community in Lexington, Ky.  

Recognizing the multifamily space was just way too overheated Wellings turned their attention to self-storage. Wellings participated in the purchase of two self-storage assets in Bradenton Florida in 2018. 

Deciding to go a different direction Dr. Robbins sold his shares in Wellings and started WealthGen Capital in early 2019.  WealthGen is a boutique real estate investment firm that focuses on serving the needs of doctors, dentists, veterinarians, chiropractors, attorneys, and other private practice owners.   

Starting the Millionaire Land Barons Club, Dr. Robbins helps like-minded professionals pool their resources to acquire growth-oriented commercial real estate and personally invests alongside his clients in each project. 

He is now fully committed to helping this group of high performers reach their financial goals using WealthGen Capital’s wealth generation platform. 

Dr. Robbins and his wife Anita live on a farm in Central Virginia where they have raised 10 children including 8 that were adopted. They are passionate about adoption and hope to one day use commercial real estate to help them underwrite the cost of starting an orphanage.

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