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The Money Advantage provides simple, fun, and doable financial talk that helps you build financial freedom with cash flow strategies, Infinite Banking, and alternative investments. We help established business owners find and fix money leaks and leverage alternative savings strategies so they have more to invest, without working harder or sacrificing their lifestyle. Through our family office model, we utilize strategies for cash flow, long-term tax reduction, estate and business legal planning, creative whole life insurance strategies (Privatized Banking) and alternative investments.

How to Lose Money is a wealth-building podcast dedicated to the honest, sometimes gut-wrenching stories of business and life lessons learned. If you?re an entrepreneur going through a tough season, a business executive wanting to avoid strategic mistakes, or just someone who loves to hear about victories earned on the other side of painful trials, this podcast is for you.  They discuss topics like: risk-taking, financial principles, entrepreneurship, growing your business, real estate investing, best business concepts, leadership, books and resources, relationship hacks, networking, passive income, time management, and more!

Landlording for Life provides real estate tips, tricks, and stories of success and failure from landlords and aspiring real estate investors. Creative real estate investing | Commercial real estate investing | Creative financing | Real Estate Syndication | Tenant Screening | Lease Ideas

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Brian Robbins (Founder/CEO, WealthGen Capital) is a frequent guest author for BiggerPockets, real estate investing’s most popular blog and networking site. With over 900,000 members, BiggerPockets offers a top-rated podcast, forums, local meet-ups, and a blog featuring authors who are experienced and successful in the space. Below is a sampling of Brian’s articles.

What I?m about to say might not make me popular, but it may be the most important thing you?ll ever read about the safety of your real estate holdings.
Americans have a never-ending love affair with stuff; it?s a trend I don?t see ending anytime soon.
While looking back over my own medical career, I wish I had known about one specific diagnosis that would have prevented a lot of heartaches and saved me thousands: Professional?s White Coat Syndrome.
It was a big culture shock to bring seven Russian speaking kids into our home for sure. But the real shock was just around the corner when the financial reality of our decision began to hit home.



By Dr. Brian Robbins

The Professional’s Guide to Double-Digit Returns, Multi-Generational Wealth, and a Worry-Free Retirement

The Rental Nation Podcast

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