Wealth Is No Accident

“Ninety percent of all millionaires become so through owning real estate. More money has been made in real estate than in all industrial investments combined.”  -Andrew Carnegie, Billionaire

What’s your Financial Prognosis?

The accumulation of multi-generational wealth doesn’t happen by chance. Doctors are some of the most brilliant and hard-working members of our society. Yet, despite an average salary of $300k; 58% of all physicians have a net worth of less than $1 million. These remarkably intelligent and highly educated individuals regularly fail in accumulating substantial long-term wealth because they don’t diversify their retirement with commercial real estate.

It’s well known that many of the ultra-wealthy that frequent the Forbes list have built their success through real estate. A recent poll by Morgan Stanley found that 77% of their millionaire clients own Real Estate as an investment, making it the top alternative asset class by a substantial margin. So why don’t more professionals do it?

IS Real Estate Too Difficult?

Despite outperforming traditional investments nearly 2-to-1 since 2000, a recent survey found that only 16% of Americans believed that real estate has been the best performing investment vehicle over the same period. Additionally, the same survey found that 70% of Americans think that investing in real estate is too difficult. 

When most professionals think about real estate they think about the research, loans/mortgages, negotiations, tenants, repairs, and leaking toilets to fix. But there is a better way.

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The RX For Retirement Success

Real estate investments have outperformed traditional investments nearly 2-to-1 since 2000. Using the “20% rule” where 20% of your portfolio invested in alternatives like commercial real estate helps earn greater returns and secure financial freedom.

Investors who invested using the 20% rule have earned about twice as much as investors who used a more traditional allocation.

Real estate return data is from the NCREIF Property Index (NPI Index), while S&P return data is from Yahoo Finance. Real estate return data should not be used to estimate returns of WealthGen Capital investments. While the NCREIF Property Index (NPI Index) represents the total return for private commercial real estate properties (across multiple asset types) held for investment purposes, all WealthGen Capital investments are private commercial multifamily investments and can vary in performance.



Annual Return

Annual Return

 With Real Estate

With S&P 500 Index

Are You Interested in Passive Income?

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“DONE! takes a heartfelt and honest look at one medical professional’s quest for passive income. After many dead ends, the author makes the case for commercial multifamily investing. This is a great read for any high income professional looking to secure passive income.”

– David Draghinas, MD


Why Real Estate?


Real estate provides a recession and inflation-resistant investment that has a history of outperforming the S&P 500.


Fractional owners can use depreciation as a tax write-off which equals more profits in your account.


Rental fees from tenants are passed on to investors for consistent, quarterly, passive income.

Creating Multi-Generational Wealth Takes Vision

The Ability To See Opportunity

And To Avoid Risk

We Choose Evergreen Investments

Multifamily Housing

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Self Storage

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Mobile Home Parks

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To Fuel Your Dreams

“Buy land, they’re not making it anymore.”

– Mark Twain

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